Finding Your Kinks With an Escort

One of the nicest things about spending time with an escort is that you can discover and explore your kinks in a safe place. You won’t have to worry about feeling judged or scorned. The lovely lady is there to help you find your pleasure.

Before you can have fun, however, you’ll need to figure out where your interests actually lie. What gets your motor running? What dirty dreams can you bring to life?

Here are just a few ways that you can probe into your kinks with the help of a companion.

Find the Common Thread in Your Fantasies

Think about your favorite fantasies. There’s probably an idea or element that links them. It might be something obvious like pain, roleplay or exhibitionism; it might be something more subtle like a loss of control or the feeling of being valued by your partner. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to what gets you going. Everyone is different. You just have to determine what presses your personal buttons.

Make a To-Do List

Porn addicts, this is your time to shine. Make a list of every act or implement that you’ve seen during your late-night binges. Start thinking about which ones that you might want to explore with an escort. Once you start writing them down, you’ll probably find that they come to mind easily; one thing will naturally lead to another. For example, “restraints” can branch off into a dizzying list that includes ropes, scarves, handcuffs, metal bars and many more.

Do Some Research

You don’t have to go digging through books in a dusty library. When it comes to sex, research is a lot more fun than memorizing encyclopedias. It might involve watching porn, reading erotica or experimenting with different positions that you found in the Kama Sutra. It might involve all kinds of toys and games with your escort. As long as you’re getting some good data from it, it can be considered a worthwhile education.

Try Multiple Versions of the Same Thing

You might not enjoy spanking when you’re over her knee, but it could be a completely different ball game if you’re standing up and facing a wall. You might be iffy about flavored condoms, but flavored body oil could become your new favorite thing. Don’t write something off until you’ve given it a fair shot. You don’t want to close the door on an entire category of kink unless you’re certain that it doesn’t do anything for you.

Ask Your Escort

If your escort knows her stuff, she’ll probably have a few suggestions for new and exciting things to try. She might also be able to lead you in fresh directions with old kinks. You might have thought that you knew everything about BDSM, but once she pulls on a leather hood and tells you to bend over, you’ll realize that your education has just begun.