Facts About Ladies’ Traveling Companions

Did you know that for thousands of years, women have been hiring men as travelling companions? Women would often hire men to ensure they arrived safely at their destinations. From royalty to immigrants making their way to the new world, this tradition has gone on for years—and still remains today.
Find out why hiring an escort on your next big trip will help give you peace of mind to travel virtually anywhere your heart desires.

1.Ladies Have Been Hiring Men as Travel Companions for Centuries

As long as women have been traveling for long distances, they have been hiring companions to travel with them. Originally, high-class women would hire a companion to accompany them on a long trip as a means of safety. Women also appreciated the companionship that hiring an escort provided for them.

Later in years, many women would hire a companion as a chaperone for long trips. The family of the woman would want that woman’s virtue to remain intact, and the companion was a sure-fire way of ensuring this would happen.

2.It’s Safer to Travel in Pairs

Today, travelling with a companion is still a tradition—though the reasons may have somewhat changed. Many women no longer worry about their virtue on long trips. Instead, it’s convenient to travel with another person.

When it comes to travel, there’s safety in numbers. Many women prefer to hire a companion simply because they feel safer when traveling to certain areas of the world. When someone sees you traveling with another person, you’re less likely to be considered a “target.” Whether you’re worried about being a victim of theft or assault, traveling with another person can ensure you’re safer on your journey.

3.You Won’t Be Harassed in Certain Cities

The sad fact of the world today is that it isn’t safe for women to travel alone in some areas. In fact, if you’re not married, it’s considered offensive to men in certain regions. Many women consider hiring a male escort simply to make them feel safer in these areas.

In countries such as Morocco, many women claim to feel uncomfortable while walking alone down the street. Many women have complained that men have harassed them, yelled at them or even spit at them. Travelling with a companion can actually prevent this type of unwanted attention.

4.Avoid Unwanted Advances

Another sad reality that women face is unwanted advances from men while traveling alone. Many women experience men hitting on them, trying to pick them up in bars, trying to dance inappropriately with them and flat-out trying to sleep with them. Even when women politely decline these advances, many men still don’t back down.

Hiring an escort to travel with you can help you avoid some of these unwanted advances. When men think you’re “taken,” they generally won’t harass you or make advances at you.

Traveling alone doesn’t need to be so intimidating. You can travel nearly anywhere you can dream when you hire an escort to go with you.